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Howdy YeshID Community!

New year, New updates to YeshID! We’re coming in hot for the first release of 2024 with a lot of amazing updates that are, as always, designed to make managing your digital workspace easier, more intuitive and more efficient.

Here’s what we just dropped:

  • 🗒️ Access Grid Enhancements:
    • Sorting and Visibility Improvements: Integrated apps are now prioritized in the access grid, improving navigation and usability. Additionally, new hover and resize behaviors for the access grid’s shadow enhance user experience.
    • Column Reordering: This feature enables users to rearrange columns in the access grid, allowing for a more customized and efficient workspace.
  • ⚙️ Application Management and Integration:
    • Application Deletion and Addition: The logic for deleting applications has been improved and moved for better accessibility. There’s also a new flow for adding applications requiring OAuth.
    • Google Workspace Integration: Fixes and improvements in the integration with Google Workspace ensure more reliable and accurate synchronization.
    • User and Admin Syncing: Enhancements in syncing admin roles and user identities, including syncing with Google, streamline user management.
    • Manual Application Addition: Resolved issues related to adding non-integrated applications manually.
  • ✨ User Interface and Usability Improvements:
    • UI Enhancements: Various tweaks, like minimum bar width adjustments and added spacing in forms, improve the overall user interface.
    • State Visibility: Improvements in showing the correct state in different modes, like preselected app mode, enhance user clarity.
  • 🏗️ Organizational Structure Visualization:
    • Org Tree Visualization: Fixes and enhancements in the organizational tree visualization, especially for empty organizations, improve clarity and user interaction.
  • 🔐 Identity and Access Management:
    • Account Mapping and Reporting: Better handling of identity mappings and integrated application reports, ensuring accurate tracking and reporting.
    • Group Membership Bugs: Fixes in group membership management enhance reliability in user access control.
    • New Status Indicators: Introduction of an invited status tooltip for better user status tracking.
  • 📧 Email and Notification System:
    • Email Template Updates: Changes in the email templates for different scenarios, like user onboarding and access requests, for clearer communication.
    • Trigger Emails for User Changes: Automatic email notifications for user additions, deletions, or suspensions outside of YeshID.
  • 🤝 Security and Compliance:
    • Secret Property Handling: Enhanced security measures to prevent the return of secret properties in integrations.
    • File Type Restrictions: Restricted certain uploads to PNG files only to bolster security.
  • 📋 Task Management and Navigation:
    • Task View Splitting: The tasks view has been split by completion status for better task management.
    • Navigation Enhancements for Admins: Improved navigation options for admins, especially those who are new or in the process of being onboarded.
  • 🕺 Miscellaneous:
    • Year Update in Templates: Updated the year to 2024 in email templates.
    • General Bug Fixes and Improvements: Various other fixes and improvements, including time display issues and testing adjustments.

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