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More efficient,
more compliant,
more than just a spreadsheet

Access Grid for YeshID reduces the orchestration needed for accurate access management with a dynamic table that supports automatic workflows.

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Ditch the spreadsheet in favor of technology that makes your life simpler

Coordinate more easily

Update a field in Access Grid to kick off a workflow, allowing you to track access as it’s being granted or revoked. No more nagging.

Save time on data entry

Access Grid automatically populates with users for apps like Notion and Slack, so you can skip the manual input and save loads of time.

Take yourself out of the middle

Kick off a workflow, then set, forget, and let Access Grid handle the rest. Automating requests to your internal application owners empowers you to take back your time.

What can Access Grid do for you?

Time to part ways?

YeshID will tell what departing employees have access to and automate critical offboarding steps so you don’t have to worry about forgetting a step.

Is the SOC2 II auditor breathing down your neck?

YeshID helps you easily track access tickets, see who’s using MFA, manage offboarding tasks, and periodically review to ensure compliance.

Tired of those stressful “offboarding hour” meetings, trying to get everyone on the same meeting to go through the offboarding checklist?

YeshID will automate what it can, keep track of what needs to be done, and reach out to the right people to remind them to complete the task.

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