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Startups build ad-hoc IAM systems, a tangled mess of spreadsheets, emails, and memory traces in the brains of the team members. As organizations grow, the tangles grow. Think about it:

  • When a new hire joins, how easy is it to get them productive? How long does it take until they’ve been given access to everything they need? 
  • When it’s time for a compliance audit, do you need to sweat over spreadsheets, check multiple app interfaces, and comb through email chains, hoping you don’t miss something? 
  • Is “Shadow IT” growing? When well-meaning employees start using convenient new apps, are they bypassing IT? Or does IT maintain visibility and control without bureaucracy?  
  • Is offboarding easy? When someone leaves, can you quickly cut access to all the apps they used while retaining access to the data they created? 

Cheer up! Things will get worse.

As your company grows and your tech stack gets more complex, whatever chaos you had will get worse. Why?

  • You’re juggling multiple playbooks. One spreadsheet for onboarding, a checklist for audits, a half-remembered process for software requests.
  • Time becomes essential. Onboarding tasks, regular access reviews, or even handling forgotten password resets shouldn’t rely on your memory.
  • Your processes aren’t static. New apps get adopted, rules change, one-off issues reveal cracks in your workflows. Updating your playbooks becomes a time-consuming chore.
  • Your organization changes. New groups appear. Old groups merge. Consultants, temps, and suppliers need access
  • Collaboration is a nightmare. Chasing down other teams to get tasks done, sending reminders, consolidating responses, and hoping they update the results in the right place… it turns your attempted efficiency into another massive time suck.

The YeshID Difference: One Playbook, Total Control

Now imagine this:

  • Effortless orchestration: A new employee begins, and your centralized YeshID playbook spins into action. Accounts are created, exploiting the best available integrations. For anything without an integration, YeshID creates tasks with clear owners and deadlines. Task reminders? Automatically sent to the right department. You get progress reports, not a growing sense of dread.
  • Compliance is no sweat: Audit looming? YeshID pulls who has access to what and current settings across every supported app, then surveys users and managers to verify who truly needs what access. Reports become accurate and stress-free.
  • Offboarding without the panic: Employee departs, and your playbook cuts off access to integrated apps instantly. It also generates tasks with clear owners for everything else, ensuring no security holes slip through the cracks.
  • A playbook that evolves with you: YeshID is your adaptable IT brain. It leverages your IAM, automates manual steps, sends timely reminders, and handles approvals across teams. Change a process? Update the playbook, and everyone instantly follows the latest version.

Sound too good to be true? Let YeshID be your partner in keeping your identity and access management realm simple, effective, and secure. Get YeshID Onboard for free and start today.