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YeshID Onboard

When onboarding and offboarding isn’t your passion — or your main job

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Maybe you volunteered or maybe you were volun-told. Either way, now you’re in charge of onboarding and offboarding employees for your company, and maybe you are looking for a place to start?

We built YeshID Onboard with you in mind.

For the unexpected Google admin

Protect your time and brain power while getting people up and running fast

For the IT team of one

Get admin-level access management that sits between oversized tools and DIY

For the compliance-minded startup

Meet industry regulations without hiring a team or spending valuable engineer hours

Why Onboard?
  • A streamlined, repeatable, efficient, and compliant way for Super Admins to manage identities and applications — then get back to their other job(s).
  • Templatize and schedule onboarding and offboarding tasks to set up a repeatable process for ease and speed.
  • Assign application administrator(s) then automatically route requests for provisioning to the proper product admins.
  • Passkey-powered two-factor authentication means no more passwords, and puts access at your fingertips — literally.
  • Track provisioning/deprovisioning in a single dashboard to offboard a user with confidence while maintaining compliance and reducing license costs.
  • Empower employees to initiate requests for new application access that are automatically routed to the proper application administrator.
  • Get access to an exclusive Slack community of small business hustlers and heroes just like you so we can share, support, and celebrate together.
  • The magic price tag of “free” means you can get started today, no budget approval process, no credit card required.

The details (FAQ)

What is YeshID Onboard?

YeshID is the all-in-one identity management tool for growing organizations working in Google Workspace. It’s currently in Beta. 

YeshID Onboard is the onboarding arm of the platform, designed for businesses of 25-250 employees. It’s free for the first 100 onboarded customers.

Who is Onboard for?

Onboard is for companies that meet the following criteria: 

  • Have between 25-250 employees
  • Operate in Google Workspace
  • Do not have Okta or a third-party identity solution
  • Have a designated Google Super Admin

What does Onboard do?

We augment Google Workspace.

We help Google Super Admins create a streamlined, repeatable, efficient, and compliant way to manage identities and applications.

We make onboarding repeatable.

YeshID lets you create onboarding templates for specific roles that will automatically create a Google user, put them in the proper organization and groups, and produce a task list of the applications that need to be provisioned for them. 

You can even schedule sending your new employee an email to invite them into your Google Workspace, so they get the email at the right time on their start date.

We streamline the application provisioning process.

We enable you to assign Application Administrator(s) for each application. Then, when a new employee is onboarded, requests for provisioning are automatically routed to the proper product admins. 

We ensure compliant and cost-effective offboarding.

Track the provisioning and deprovisioning of applications, so you can offboard a user with confidence while maintaining compliance and reducing license costs.

We manage the access request process.

Employees can use the YeshID app to view and navigate to applications they have access to. They can also initiate requests for new application access, which will automatically be routed to the proper application administrator. 

We give you visibility.

YeshID gives you a single dashboard to see what applications have access to your Google Workspace and which users are accessing these applications.

How much does Onboard cost?

It’s free. No credit card required. No obligations. (This website will change once we start charging. Rest assured, if you see this message and register an account, we are tracking you as a free Onboard customer.)

What’s the small print?

  • Up to 250 Google Users per business
  • 5 Applications Admins/Owners per business
  • Keep audit logs for up to 90 days
  • Daily Sync with Google (automated)
  • Support (via email & slack) is managed Monday – Friday 9:00a – 5:00p PT
  • YeshID has the right to edit or remove features with a product or feature set that is still in beta.

Ready to get started?

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