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📣 What’s New This Month

We’re excited to share our latest updates to YeshID! This month, we’ve focused on improving workflows, enhancing performance, and introducing features to make your experience smoother and more efficient.

🌟 New Features

  • Slack Integration for Access Management 💬: Request and approve app access directly through Slack, streamlining the access management process.
  • Custom User Fields 🏷️: Add organization-specific information to user profiles, such as employee ID or department code.
  • Enhanced Email Customization 📧: Add your company logo to YeshID emails and send tailored messages for different workflows.
  • Improved Google Workspace Integration 🔄: View and edit email aliases directly within YeshID for better Google Workspace management.
  • Task Management Improvements ✅: Use new features like expandable subtasks and in-task discussions to improve team coordination.

💪 Enhancements

  • Performance Optimization 🏎️: We’ve reduced the loading time of the Application view by 86%, significantly improving responsiveness.
  • User Management Refinements 👥:
    • Streamlined user creation process with improved email validation
    • Enhanced invite link functionality to work seamlessly for already active users
    • Added a check to prevent creation of users with email addresses that are aliases of existing users
  • Workflow Enhancements 🔧:
    • Improved task completion tracking with clearer indications of who completed or rejected a task
    • Enhanced notifications for task rejections in onboarding and offboarding processes
    • Added a text input for providing reasons when responding to access requests
  • UI Improvements 🎨:
    • Added spacing between task status and assignments for better readability
    • Improved navigation with direct links from ledger items to related tasklists
    • Introduced filters in the Google user directory for easier user lookup

🛠️ Fixes and Polish

We’ve addressed several issues to ensure smoother operation:

  • Resolved an issue where the completed state display was not showing correctly
  • Fixed group reset functionality when cancelling certain operations
  • Improved error handling in various workflows, particularly in task validation processes


We hope these updates make your YeshID experience even better. As always, we value your feedback and look forward to hearing how these changes improve your day-to-day operations. Thank you for being a part of the YeshID community!