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May 2024 YeshID Update: New Features, Enhancements, and Fixes

Greetings YeshID Community!

We’re excited to share the latest updates from May, designed to enhance your YeshID experience with new features, improvements, and fixes for a smoother and more efficient digital workspace.

🚀 New Features to Boost Your Workflow

  • Agent Yesh AI: Use AI to generate onboarding and offboarding workflows, saving you time and effort.
  • Comprehensive User Ledger: Gain complete visibility into user actions with our new comprehensive user ledger, tracking all activities and events, including suspensions, un-suspensions, additions, and removals, all in one place. Manual event addition is also supported.
  • Enhanced Offboarding Process: Streamline offboarding with new tasks for archiving users, removing them from all applications and Google Groups, and disabling 2FA.
  • Support for Temporary Employees: Add optional end dates during onboarding to manage contract employees effectively.
  • Nudge Button: Prompt task owners to complete tasks with notifications via email and Slack.
  • App Requests: Users can now request apps from the entire YeshID catalog or custom apps, expanding your toolset.
  • Custom Onboarding Emails: Admins can schedule personalized emails to be sent to employee inboxes during onboarding.

✨ Enhancements for a Better Experience

  • Task List Improvements: Enjoy clearer communication, easier management, and consistent scheduling with green indicators for successful tasks, required messages for task rejections, a default timezone setting, and delete buttons.
  • Improved Notifications: Admins will stop receiving notifications if they have zero tasks, reducing unnecessary alerts.

🔧 Fixes to Smooth Out Your Operations

  • Optimized Performance and Integration: Enhanced Access Grid performance, improved error reporting and form validation, better Slack channel settings and invite links, and increased timezone support.
  • Email Notifications: Optimized notifications, removed daily task reminder emails, and updated weekly email format.
  • Task List Templates and Off-boarding: Automatically updated templates when applications are deleted, and comprehensive off-boarding tasks included in default templates.
  • UI and Messaging Improvements: Various UI tweaks, improved task rejection messaging, and better error messages.

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