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Earlier this month, we announced that our onboarding tool YeshID Onboard is now in beta and that we’re providing it free to the first 100 organizations of 25-250 employees working in Google Workspace to sign up. We’ve onboarded more than 20 companies since we put that message out, and we’re thrilled with the success those teams are experiencing with Onboard. But we’ve also noticed there are some questions around why we would give YeshID Onboard away for free, and that’s what I want to talk about today.

Ship, learn, improve

YeshID is a startup. Alex and I founded the company, and now we’re a small team with experience from tech heavy hitters like Meta, Microsoft, OpenDNS/Cisco, and RSA. We’re what you call a seed stage startup: we’re in the initial phase of developing our product and are focused on turning an innovative idea into a viable business. 

Seed startups are known for their potential to bring disruptive solutions to the market. They often challenge the status quo and aim to break into existing industries with new and creative approaches — and that’s just what we’re doing. We’re developing a tool that will disrupt the identity and access management world for smaller companies, which right now spans too big (like Okta) or too minimal (like spreadsheets). 

That means that we’re doing a lot of research, a lot of testing and iterating, and a lot of proving out concepts — and here’s the thing: we can’t do any of that without you. So, we’re giving our product away. Simple as that. 

Will that always be the case? Hopefully not! We are starting a business after all, but rest assured that if you join on a free plan, your plan will stay free, even if we start charging new customers for it. 

Join us

Onboarding and offboarding are so fundamental to companies of all kinds, yet solutions have either lagged behind business needs or leap-frogged over a whole market size. This feels like the perfect entry point for YeshID and for companies looking to take the next step in their identity and access management journey. 

Onboard is purpose-built for small businesses using Google Workspace. We help you knock out the operational tasks that need to get done today while laying a solid foundation for tomorrow. 

  • Save time onboarding and offboarding team members with consolidated user controls
  • Manage application requests and keep track of IT licenses and costs all in one place
  • Skip the login screen and move effortlessly between approved applications

Plus, after you sign up, you’ll also get access to an exclusive Slack community of small business hustlers and heroes just like you so we can share, support, and celebrate together. And you’ll be helping us learn even more about the small business needs that have been overlooked until now. Head to our website to learn more.