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This summer, we kicked off the beta program for YeshID, the all-in-one identity management tool for growing organizations. We invited participants to help us build the future of identity, access, and application management for small- and medium-sized businesses. But there was a catch — you had to talk with us. We realized this was a bump in the process and potentially scary because you might think we were going to sell something to you.

We’ve onboarded more than 20 companies to the beta, ranging from faith-based nonprofits to financial technology companies. The only stipulation to join is that they run on Google Workspace and have fewer than 250 employees. Our beta members do vastly different things and are different sizes, but we’ve discovered that they all have three things in common:

  1. The people who are running Google Workspace access to the apps their companies use are strapped, and this isn’t their only responsibility. We’ve found they’re split into two camps. There’s the one-person IT team that’s bogged down with a million and one tasks. Or there’s someone (like me at my company!) who just got saddled with the task because someone has to do it.
  2. The biggest obstacle these folks currently face is onboarding/offboarding. Solutions are either too rudimentary, like tracking data in a spreadsheet, or too advanced, like biting off more than you need with Okta. There’s no good middle ground, and these IT teams of one, or Unexpected Google Admins, as we like to call them, are left to figure it all out on their own. 
  3. Everyone we’ve talked to so far has said they need the same things out of their onboarding and offboarding tool: They need to be able to get people to work ASAP, they need a smart process default for setting up access, and they need it to be available at a low cost or for free. 

With the needs around onboarding and offboarding being so great (and purse strings being so tight), we’ve decided to offer Onboard, our beta onboarding and offboarding functionality, for free to the first 100 customers who join the beta. And now you don’t even need to talk to us. You can simply sign up and get immediate access

The Goldilocks of onboarding and offboarding

Running a startup ourselves, we understand the need to get employees started yesterday because the team is lean and we need those hands. We want to save ourselves time and money, too, because those are two things any business leader is short on. 

It’s true that there are other options in this space: GAM, Bettercloud, Okta, and Ping, to name a few. The problem though is that for most small businesses, these products are overkill. They are expensive and time-consuming to implement — especially when what you really need is just to get people to work using solid best practices, not advanced technology. 

YeshID Onboard provides an option for smaller companies that have embarked on their identity and access management journeys but aren’t in a place yet where they need a very technical (or expensive) solution. We provide a quick and easy way to accomplish your checklist today while setting up the foundational best practices that will help you grow in the future.

Especially when it comes to “birthright apps,” or those that are automatically granted to every new employee (think: Slack, Zoom, etc.), YeshID helps you save tons of time. 

  • Templatize and schedule onboarding and offboarding tasks to set up a repeatable process for ease and speed.
  • Assign application administrator(s) then automatically route requests for provisioning to the proper owners.
  • Track provisioning/de-provisioning in a single dashboard to offboard a user with confidence while maintaining compliance and reducing license costs.
  • Empower employees to initiate requests for new application access that are automatically routed to the proper application administrator.

Let’s grow together

Onboarding and offboarding are so fundamental to companies of all kinds, yet solutions have either lagged behind business needs or leap-frogged over a whole market size. This feels like the perfect entry point for YeshID and for companies looking to take the next step in their identity and access management journey. 

So get Onboard! The first 100 people to join will get access to better onboarding and offboarding for free today and early access to future product updates. And you’ll be helping us learn even more about the small business needs that have been overlooked until now.