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Is your company using a patchwork approach to employee onboarding and offboarding? Or is everything in one place?  Are you relying on a combination of HR tools, IT tools, spreadsheets, checklists, and communication across email and Slack?

YeshID gives you a simple, clean way to manage centralized and distributed Identity and Access Management (IAM). It’s centralized (everything in one place) and decentralized (workload doesn’t land on one set of shoulders). YeshID integrates with your existing HR and IT processes, regardless of complexity.

YeshID Simplifies Onboarding

When your new hire shows up, bright-eyed and ready to rock, the last thing you want to do is drain that enthusiasm. OK, it’s not the last thing. But never mind. You don’t want it to happen. Good news. You can use YeshID to create a smooth onboarding experience for new hires.

Scenario 1: No HR or Limited IT Integration

YeshID acts as your one-stop shop for managing both HR and IT tasks during onboarding. YeshID lets you create playbooks that include manual steps like ordering a laptop, sending company swag, compliance training, along with automated tasks like user provisioning in Google Workspace, assigning them to groups and departments, and coordinating access to other applications.

By centralizing the orchestration process in YeshID, you ensure a streamlined and organized onboarding experience for your new hires. By decentralizing–assigning tasks to people other than your unexpected IT person–you can get the work done faster and better.

Scenario 2: Existing HR Tool with Partial IT Provisioning

Maybe you’ve got an HR or IT tool that handles some basic IT provisioning. You probably know that it falls short if you don’t have the fancy enterprise license for all of your applications. And so you are back to a spreadsheet or document to handle the rest of your IT process.

But don’t worry! YeshID will seamlessly integrate with your existing process and will handle provisioning coordination (with the application owners) of the lower license tier applications that don’t have SAML/SCIM support.

If an HR tool creates a new user in Google Workspace, YeshID will send an alert to ensure that the rest of the onboarding takes place. You can then assign a pre-built playbook to coordinate the remaining tasks on your checklist. 

YeshID: The Advantages

  • Simple Setup: Get started with YeshID in minutes, not days or weeks.
  • Flexible Workflows: YeshID adapts to your existing processes, allowing you to handle manual and automated tasks regardless of license type.
  • Effortless Compliance: YeshID simplifies compliance by centralizing access requests and approvals, ensuring a clear audit trail.
  • Enhanced Security: YeshID reduces human error and improves security by tracking identity life cycles and permissions so that offboarding is mistake-free.
  • Happy Teams: YeshID empowers your team with clear processes, reduces busy work, and frees them to focus on strategic tasks.

Ready to Streamline Your Onboarding Process?

YeshID is the key to a smoother, more secure, and more efficient employee onboarding experience. Get started today and see the difference YeshID can make for your organization.