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When we (Alex and Dana) started working on what’s now become YeshID, we talked a lot about the products we wanted to bring to the world. We also shared our personal values and the values that we wanted our company to embody.

We’ve each worked in companies where values have not been clear or shared. We’ve seen how that’s hurt both the business results and the employee experience.

We want to be clear about our values, make sure they are well understood, well-shared, continue to be appropriate to our mission and we will update our expression of those values as we learn.

If you have questions or suggestions, we want to hear from you.

living our values

On July 25, 2022 we shipped our first draft of this blog post to external reviewers (in line with another of our core values, “Ship It,” see below). We’ve iterated it based on feedback, shipped it again, and we are now shipping it in this blog. We will continue to listen and learn from our employees, customers and partners while we iterate our product and our expression of YeshID’s values. We believe that living our values will help us make YeshID a fantastic place to work and the leading supplier of innovative products and services in our chosen market.

mission driven

We are aligned and focused on our company’s mission and goals and put them ahead of our team or individual goals.

We are focused on our mission: building the next generation identity & access EXPERIENCE, one that is dead-simple to use and manage. This shared goal binds us together and gives direction to our collective energy. We know there are other initiatives that we and teammates are passionate about: personal beliefs, causes and charities. But during our working hours, we focus on the most impactful work we can do to support our mission. Time is the only resource we can never have back, and we invest our work time on the mission.


Be direct and be kind. Integrity above all else.

There is an art to communicating in a direct, yet kind way. Direct communication is straightforward, provides clarity, and is efficient. Kindness matters, too. We always assume that others have good intentions, even when we disagree. We deliver messages in a way that is considerate of the receivers of our communication. Balancing directness and consideration is a delicate art, but if we all work at it, we will build and maintain high trust across the organization.


Innovate until experience & security exist in harmony.

There is often friction between security and user experience. Back in the day, “security by obscurity” was the norm; many thought that the more complex a system was the more secure it was. People forgot that when a security system was too complex no one used it …and then it definitely was not secure. We know that there is going to be tension between experience and security. We are going to innovate to find solutions that excel at both.


Accountability and operational excellence are fundamental requirements.

YeshID is a business. We know that clear direction and goals can unite a team. We’ve worked at companies where goals are clear, ownership is clear, measurements are crisp and we’ve seen great results. We’ve also seen the reverse. At YeshID, we’re focused on results, measured against our goals.

ship it

Fast is better than slow, as long as you learn and iterate.

If “the perfect is the enemy of the good” but “the good is the enemy of the great” where does that leave us? We believe the quickest way to get to great is to iterate rapidly and learn by solving real customer problems. Whenever we can deliver something with increased value, no matter how small, WE SHIP IT. And then we listen to and learn from the folks that use what we shipped so we can iterate and make it better.

global first

We hire the brightest around the world. We build teams incorporating global, diverse experiences to create world class products.

Privacy laws and proof of identity look different across the globe. When we started thinking about our team it was immediately apparent that incorporating a diverse set of experiences globally would add value to how we build an identity product. One of our founders is from the US, the other from Israel. We will continue to build our team by hiring the best and the brightest around the world. We are remote-first and will operate asynchronously.

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