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For the past month, we have been working closely with ten customers who have been helping us build something that solves their Identity & Access Management (IAM) problems. We call them our Lighthouse customers. 

These are smart folks at companies who are either “Unexpected Google Admin”, Solo-IT team, and/or HR. We have been working with them to figure out how they can move away from manual checklists and spreadsheets that manage their: onboarding, offboarding (or provisioning, de-provisioning), and access requests.

(If this sounds like you, you might qualify to climb into the next Lighthouse group.)

We’re working with them to replace their checklists and spreadsheets with something smarter – YeshLists.

A YeshList template is a pattern for a smart checklist. It’s kind of like a task template–the kind that you might create in Asana, Notion, or Google Sheets, but smarter. It does some of the automation and orchestration of getting the task list done for you. 

You make a Yesh template by listing the steps for an activity–say onboarding or offboarding, YeshID can automate tasks within Google Workspaces like ”Create a new Google Account” or “Lock Workspace.” Or they can be automated outside Google Workspaces, like “Send welcome email.” Or they can be delegated, like “Have the Slack Admin set this person up for the Slack channels needed for a new hire in marketing.” Or manual like “Order a Yubikey” or “Send them a welcome swag box.” 

Here’s an example of an Onboarding template. Notice that the YeshID template is smart enough to make the dates relative to the start date.

Here’s what a YeshList template looks like:

YeshList - better than your checklist

Once you’ve got a template customized to your organization–or even to a particular department–and someone is ready to start you put in the person’s name, start date, and some other information, and YeshID will create a YeshList from a template. 

And then, it will  RUN the template for you. If a task is automated (like some of the Google tasks we mentioned above), YeshID will make it happen when it’s supposed to happen. So think “I don’t need to sit in front of the computer at exactly 5 pm and suspend Joe from Google Workspace.” You can trust that YeshID will do it for you. 

If we cannot automate a task–like reclaiming a license or de-provisioning–we route the request to the person responsible for the task and ask them to respond when it is completed. And when they respond, we mark it as done.

Running YeshList template

But wait, there’s more! In addition to helping you ensure someone is offboarded or onboarded properly, we will automatically update our access grid so that you can use it for compliance purposes.

Access Grid

Finally, we have an end-user view that lets your employees see what applications they have access to and request access to apps they don’t have. This will help you track access for compliance purposes and make sure they are properly offboarded from the apps they have access to upon departure from the company.

End User's YeshID dashboard

We are looking for anyone who:

  • Uses Google Workspace
  • Works at a company between 10-400 employees
  • Holds the responsibility of IT, Security, HR, compliance (or some combination thereof) in their job description
  • (not requirement, but bonus) Have SOC2 or other compliance requirements work with us to setup YeshID in your environment. We’d love to show you how you can be more efficient, secure, and compliant with us!

If you are interested, please reach out to Of course, you are always welcome to sign up in your own time here