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Onboarding and offboarding employees to your IT systems is like an intricate dance — it can either be a graceful waltz or an out-of-sync electric slide. In this post, we’ll talk about four potential trip-ups when thinking about employee access management. We’ll also show you practical steps you can take today to streamline onboarding and offboarding. Let’s take it for a spin! 

Using a tool that’s too big (or too small)

The misstep

Imagine trying to dance the tango in tap shoes or attempting a waltz in hiking boots. Similarly, using tools that are either too complex or too basic can throw off the entire rhythm of your onboarding and offboarding dance.

With advanced providers like Okta, for example, you have to configure SAML, SCIM, and JIT to authenticate and manage users. This is known as the SSO tax and can mean a lot of work on technology that you might not really need yet. On the other hand, people who try to manage the process with Jira tickets or Notion/Docs, often forget to track and update things.

The right step

Find a tool that’s your perfect dance partner — one that adapts to your rhythm by helping you accomplish what you need to get done today and grows with you. Instead of taking an over-comprehensive approach to SSO that may overwhelm customers and inflate costs, focus on the tasks you face today — the stuff you just need to work and to be secure. And with the right tool, you can actually set yourself up for success by creating good processes from the beginning, which will help you scale as your business expands. 

YeshID Onboard provides an option for smaller companies that have embarked on their identity and access management journeys but aren’t in a place yet where they need a very technical (or expensive) solution. It’s also free for now (find out why).

Trying to do it all yourself

The misstep

Picture a solo dancer trying to cover the entire stage – it might look impressive, but the risk of exhaustion and missteps is high. If you’re the Google Admin for your small startup or company, odds are you’re an overachiever, but stretching yourself too thin can have negative effects on your work and your health. 

The right step

Enter your dance ensemble – your application administrators. Delegating tasks during the onboarding and offboarding performance lightens the load and ensures a smoother routine. 

With Onboard, you can assign an admin to each app your company uses, then automatically route requests for provisioning to the proper admins. We also help you empower employees to initiate requests for new application access, which can also be routed to the proper application administrator.

In this way, automation becomes your dance partner, stepping in to handle repetitive tasks while you take center stage. Things like customizable templates, task assignments, and email notification not only help you save time but also minimize the chances of errors. 

Putting off best practices until “later” 

The misstep

Delaying the incorporation of best practices is akin to attempting a complicated dance routine without rehearsal – it leads to chaos and missteps. Maybe it’s too expensive to manage right now — time or budget wise — but what you end up with is a messy company footprint and opening yourself to security risks.

Onboarding and offboarding tools have overlooked the middle of the market. There are plenty of smaller businesses that want to easily manage their processes now while setting up good practices for tomorrow. 

The right step

We created YeshID Onboard because we saw that gap. Specifically for 50-250 people, Onboard provides an option for smaller companies that have embarked on their identity and access management journeys but aren’t in a place yet where they need a very technical (or expensive) solution. We provide a quick and easy way to accomplish your checklist today while setting up the foundational best practices that will help you grow in the future.

Only focusing on onboarding, not offboarding

The misstep

Different industries have specific compliance and regulatory requirements that must be met during onboarding and offboarding. Handling third-party data can be scary and requires robust security measures. And focusing solely on onboarding is like nailing the first half of a dance and forgetting the finale. Onboarding is about efficiency, but offboarding is both a security and compliance requirement. 

The right step

Your onboarding solution should comply with data protection regulations and keep your data safe. Ideally, you should be able to track provisioning/deprovisioning in a single dashboard to offboard a user with confidence while maintaining compliance and reducing license costs. This is another area where your Product Administrators can play back-up dancers, ensuring a seamless transition. 

Let’s dance

In the dance of onboarding and offboarding, perfecting each step is essential for a harmonious performance. Choose tools that dance to your rhythm, build a team of Product Administrators as your dance ensemble, kick off best practices from the first note, and never forget the importance of the grand finale – offboarding. 

YeshID Onboard is your dance instructor for small to medium-sized businesses, offering a strategic approach to identity and access management. Users also get access to an exclusive Slack community of small business hustlers and heroes just like you so we can share, support, and celebrate together. Sign up today.