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Enhanced Mobile Experience and Onboarding

  • Mobile UI Improvement for Signup
    • We’ve improved the mobile interface for a smoother signup experience. Now, our signup page is fully optimized for mobile devices, ensuring easy access and navigation.

Task Management and Email Notifications

  • Improved Task Interactions and New Task States
    • Enhancements in task interactions, including the addition of “Completed” and “Cancelled” status options, allow for more precise task management and tracking.
  • Automated Task Email Setup
    • To streamline your workflow, task-related emails are now automatically set up when a new user registers and disabled upon account deletion.

Event Scheduling and Management Enhancements

  • Scheduled Events Fix
    • We’ve introduced a feature for scheduling events to be published at a later date, along with fixes for updating user enrollment states in sync with scheduled event emails.

Google Integration and System Notifications

  • Google Sync Failure Notification
    • A new system banner will alert you if the daily Google import fails, providing hints to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently.

Usability Improvements

  • External Links in Markdown Now Open in New Tab
    • To enhance user experience and prevent loss of progress in our app, external links in markdown now open in a new tab.

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