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Today is World Password Day, a day where we celebrate the most forgettable and frustrating aspect of our digital lives. 

Why does this day even exist?

Intel created World Password Day — the first Thursday of May — to address the critical need for better passwords. 

That sounds like the most boring holiday ever.

I realize you don’t get the day off from work, but trust me, it’s not all bad. In fact, I’ve asked ChatGPT to create a list of hilarious password-related jokes to get you in the World Password Day spirit. 

  • Why did the password go to the gym? It needed to be stronger!
  • Why did the password go to the therapist? Because it felt insecure
  • Why did the password change his name to “incorrect”? Because every time someone entered it wrong, it said “Your password is incorrect.”
  • Why did the password get in trouble with the law? Because it was caught using illegal characters.
  • Why did the password apply for a job as a gardener? Because it heard the job required a strong “root” password.

And finally, one from YeshID’s Canadian Engineering team: My password needs a capital, so I made it Ottawa123.

How can I observe world password day like a pro?

The old (very old) advice used to be:

  • Change an old password to a long, strong one 
  • Turn on two-factor authentication for your important accounts
  • Password-protect your wireless router
  • Put the sticky note with your password in a drawer
  • Log off when you’re done with a program

YeshID’s new updated 2023 advice is:

  • Minimize use of a password – use passkey
  • If you cannot use passkey – turn on two-factor authentication
  • If you cannot use two-factor auth – make sure someone or something is generating a really complex password for you.

If you are a company using Google Workspace, you can celebrate today by signing up for YeshID’s beta waitlist. We are providing you with a simple solution to manage identities, access, and all with strong passwordless authentication.